Should there be an Oscar for web-based video? Maybe not a gold statue, but the principal of recognizing what makes a good web video versus a lack-luster one is critical to the success of any site.

We’re been producing video for the web for 20 years, and video for broadcast going back even further and have a strong understanding and how to use this medium to maximum benefit. So what can you do to create a video that helps your website as opposed to videos that can actually hurt your digital marketing efforts?

And the Judges say…

Some think that any video will help boost web traffic and a connection with your audience. The truth is that we are all expert judges of video quality based on our experience watching television our entire lives. We can recognize a poorly produced presentation and negatively react to the product or service depicted.

And the winner is…


Our recommendation is not to lower your creative standards even if your budget is limited. We recently produced a series of web-based videos for Navistar to showcase a new vehicle that the company’s Defense unit has developed. Our approach was to think of the project like creating a high-end car commercial – on a fraction of the budget.

Test Drive…

We wanted to accomplish two key goals

  1. Make the viewer feel like they took a test drive by showing them a variety of compelling shots of the vehicle in action
  2. Drive home the enhanced performance capabilities or specs that this new vehicle offers.


Our solution was to use a remote-controlled helicopter to get a wide array of compelling aerials that accentuate the power, speed and performance of the truck. We also utilized GoPro cameras to show unique POV and under the carriage shots.

The Award for Best Editing…

And the magic that holds it all together is the editing. In this case we utilized After Effects to combine animated graphics with the video elements to dive home our story. The final videos are now proudly displayed on the Navistar Defense website where users can experience a test drive of this new prototype vehicle. And the true measure of success that 20% of all visitors to the entire site are navigating into vehicle pages to look at these videos.

We welcome your thoughts encourage you to reach out to us to talk about how to utilize video to improve your digital marketing.

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