New data reveals a growing phenomenon of users who only use a smart phone or tablet for ALL online activity. ComScore reports more than 1 in 5 users age 18-34 ONLY use a mobile device.

The number of mobile-only users is significant for older Americans too at 6%. Surprisingly, the most rapid growth was among an audience age 55 and older where the percentage of mobile-only users has doubled in the last year.

Altering the Digital Landscape

Mobile browsing has already dramatically changed the digital landscape even without the evolution of mobile-only users. Mobile devices today account for 60% of the total time that users spend online. Major online retailers are reporting mobile users comprise more than half of all visitors – and the number for B2B sites is commonly more than 20% and growing.

A new Harvard Business Review article explores this growing phenomenon and the impact mobile users are creating. “You don’t get to decide which device your customer uses to access the internet. They get to choose. It’s your responsibility to deliver essentially the same experience to them — deliver a good experience to them — whatever device they choose to use.”

New Urgency to Create Responsive Mobile Sites

This new research provides new urgency for businesses to have a strong mobile presence that provides excellent user experience on smart phones and tablets. At Manning, we’ve worked hard to develop smart, efficient ways to create an effective responsive mobile site. Retaining a competitive advantage is a must for every business, and those that fail to embrace mobile do so at their own risk. Get in touch and we’ll provide recommendations and options for your business to embrace the mobile world.

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