Creating a business blog is an important step, but most companies fail at delivering and capitalizing on the opportunity from their blog.

Creating a business blog is an important step, but most companies fail at delivering and capitalizing on the opportunity from their blog. We’ve worked with clients to implement new strategies to significantly increase the digital reach and client engagement. At Manning, we believe even if the blog does not impact the bottom line, staying on top of your corporate blog can be a great opportunity to generate some buzz around your company, increase your digital reach and get your clients and potential clients engaged with your organization and its insights.

We’ve helped clients like FONA optimize their corporate blog over the past 8 months to increase their blog traffic over 300% when comparing a month in 2014 to the same month in 2015. Let’s get into some key insights we shared with FONA to help optimize their blog:

Search Optimization

If you’ve devoted some time to strengthening your company’s website, your branded keywords – company name and related terms – should be performing fairly well in search results. At the same time, consistently publishing blog posts opens up the opportunity to improve incoming organic traffic. Content has been and will always be king, so not only should your content stay fresh, original and valuable to the reader, but titles, headers, images and links (calls-to-action) all need to be relevant and optimized.

Ease of reading and sharing

Every email that is sent with the newest blog post should be responsive – it helps, trust us! Almost everyone who has a smart phone has their email account connected, let’s make it easier for them to view the email and click through to read the entire blog post.

Whether it’s social media or simply forwarding the email to a colleague, sharing the latest blog post should take place in just a few clicks. Once the new blog post is published, sharing on all of the company’s social media profiles is a must. From there, your company should encourage employees to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ on Facebook and ‘Retweet’ on Twitter.

Share insights and expertise

In today’s business ecosystem, transparency has been a buzzword that crosses over all industries. Corporate blogging provides another way for a company to be more open to its customers, clients and partners to increase loyalty and trust. Sharing industry insights and expertise can put your company in a position to be a thought-leader and the go-to source for industry trends.


Corporate blogging isn’t just a “set it and forget it” campaign. There has to be follow up analysis on what blog posts are being read most, how many visitors are clicking through to your call-to-actions, and knowing if your readers are bouncing after reading the post or if they are moving on to read more content published by your company.

Implementing these features will help improve and optimize your blog to increase your readership and customer loyalty. If you’re interested in speaking with us about, we’ll help you every way we can!

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