There are enumerable companies that use an ecommerce platform for their website. But what about companies that wish to display their range of products without the intention of making direct sales online?

We recently tackled this problem with the redesign of E S Foods’ website. When we were approached by E S Foods to revamp their site, we knew that their products—grab-n-go meals and frozen entrees for school children—had to be the focal point of our designs. E S Foods’ strength is in its diverse variety of innovative products, so we wanted to highlight just how many options they offer. We would like to offer the solutions that we crafted as advice for other companies that wish to create sites with similar functionality.


Show & Tell: Displaying Product Variety

When breadth of products is your strength, it’s imperative to visually show thet range of options without overwhelming the user. Our solution was to create a playful interactive interface to encourage the user to explore the product varieties such as for the company’s well-established Breakfast BREAKS meals.. The layout is responsive so that the user can have the same experience regardless of whether they are using a desktop or any mobile device. Creating an engaging interface that demonstrates your variety avoids boring the user and encourages them to explore the full list of products.


User-focused Navigation

We organized product information so food service staff can find and explore relevant products when searching by meal (Breakfast, Lunch, After School) as well as by product category. This approach provides improved user experience as well as enabling E S Foods to promote their hottest new product category Protein Innovations. Having different methods of browsing products allows the user to easily sort through products based on their own needs.


On Informative Pages, Reemphasize Your Products

The E S Foods website is not entirely contained to its products pages; they also have several pages that promote the educational benefits of the school breakfast program and how schools can take better advantage of available federal funding. On the non-product pages of the E S Foods website, we reemphasized their products both pictorially and verbally. The banner images prominently displayed E S Foods products and we frequently included links back to product pages. Think of your informative pages as supporting players that back up the value of your products.

Concluding Thoughts

Strategizing the most effective way to showcase your products is tough, especially for companies with a huge range of products such as E S Foods. We believe that these three solutions—displaying product variety, providing user-focused navigation, and reemphasizing products on informative pages—are excellent tips to keep in mind when planning out your website. If you would like a customized plan-of-action for your product site, get in touch with the Manning Digital team!

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